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We offer variety of professional services
Tattoo Designing

A team of expert tattoo designers ready to carve your favourite Permanent or Temporary art on your skin.

Tattoo Removal and Corrections

Regretting your old decisions? We are ready to fix it.

Body Piercing

Self-expression, aesthetic or traditional? We perform safe piercing practices with proper hygiene and aftercare advices.

Eye Lenses

A wide range and variety of eye lenses with different colors and focal lengths with attractive discounts and offers.

About Us

We love art. We design. We amaze. We're an independent, creative and premium Tattoo Making center spread across in the city of Lord Shiva, Ganges River and Ghats; Varanasi (Benaras). We are group of devoted art lover combined with years of experience who patiently researches your need, consider your situation, pursues a creative solution and expertly makes it real. Come and experience our innovative design crafted in form of Permanent and Temporary tattoos.

Smart, Creative & Awesome.

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